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Experiencing analogue

Analogue sounds offers a unique sound to your tracks, running through analogue you experience a vintage sound. All of the equipment we have is listed below.

The studio works on logic 10 to allow all of the finalised music to be easily available on digital platforms.



MOTU 16a TRS analogue 

Outboard Equipment:

Joe meek 

TLAudio ivory 5060 preset valve compressor 

TLAudio ivory 5001 pre amplifir 

TLAudio ivory 5021 dual valve compressor 

rkteknik dynamics square one 8 chanel 

dbx 463x noise gate

dbx 163x compressor/limiter

Hardware Synthesizers:

Korg ms2000br

Fb383 free bass 

Arturia mini brute 

Hardware Reverb Unit:

Lexicon pcm 91

DigiTech Studio v2 quad



Mackie 24-8 with vu bar 


Yamaha ns10ms 

KRK rokit 6 

Tape recorder:

8 channel Reel to Reel Otari MX5050


AKG Solid Tube 

AKG C1000s x 5

AKG D112

AKG C214 x 2

Rode nt5 x2

R1 ribbon microphone  

Sure Sm58 x 5

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